INTERATIVOS is a playground for adults and children of all ages. A space to create, to think and to relax and to flourish the artist inside of you!

INTERATIVOS workshop & exchange is a space for collaborations, exchange skills, ideas and create your own art works – individually or collectively – with our support. Or just pop in for some tea and engage in nice conversations and moments of relaxation.

Materials will be provided, but you’re encouraged to bring something to share (thoughts, materials, books, stories, your own artworks…).

Artworks will be on display for interaction and as a way of inspiration, along with artist and poetry books.

How we are structured:

– At INTERATIVOS we start the workshop talking about an artist/ artist movement & reading / writing poems to engage on nice conversations and to get inspired to do the creative work.

– We propose an activity, but we also like the idea of a free space, so feel free to work on your own ideas or to being something you’re already working on.

– Structure of the workshops: Poetry > Artist > Art Movement > Activities

Our workshops are held every first Saturday of the month at The Create Place (29 Old Ford Road. London E2 9PJ), a lovely community space that promote values of wellbeing and personal empowerment in an atmosphere free of judgement or competition.

Create, interact, be part!

Drop-in session. No booking required.

More info & RSVP at 



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