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Ibero-American Arts Awards exhibition opening 

16 Nov

Lovely to meet the artists and to see the 30 selected “Utopian” works at the Sala Brasil of the Brazilian Embassy of London at the Ibero-American Arts Awards exhibition yesterday.

Thanks to all the friends who made it to the opening yesterday, and Alice Hsieh for registering the good moments!

Back to the exhibition during the week… creator and creature having a moment.  img_0667

Ibero-American Arts Awards exhibition

15 Nov

My interactive sound sculpture “Through the Sky” was of the 30 shortlisted “Utopian” artworks selected to the Ibero-American Arts Awards exhibition,  opening tonight at the Embassy of Brazil London.

Morgado_Sylvia_through the sky.jpg

“You stand in front of the sculpture, play the sound, close your eyes, and let yourself travel that just exist in you, somewhere, where all your dreams are, and where you feel free.”

Inspired by the power of believe in something you cannot see or explain, but that you can feel, mystical – a concept so present in Ibero-American culture and its rituals-, the sculpture “Through the sky” plays with the idea of ascension.

A series of artefacts, with irregular shapes and heights, in white and blue, as in my view are how clouds are – or the idea of it the concept of something rising through the pots, I recorded the sound of wind, adding a dramaticity to it, and inviting you, the viewer-participant to play it, becoming part of the installation, to ascend to a place that doesn’t exist. Or that just exist in your mind. A place where you go to let go of things you don’t need/ want anymore, that bothers you, somehow a healing experience in the search of freedom.

The work was created following my research on the observation of the environment around me and the idea of slowing down; been able to stop, even for a few seconds, and relax… dream with a new future. The result is the sculpture, which is my interpretation of it, but the work can have different meanings and interpretations depending on each individual’s background and experience.

16th Nov – 8th Dec
Monday to Friday 11:00-18:00
Please note that the exhibition will be closed on the 17th and 29th of November
FREE Admission
Sala Brasil, Embassy of Brazil London
14-16 Cockspur Street SW1y 5BL

ICT + Art Connect / Comic Strip App 

12 May

We had a great time in Brussels delivering our app “Comic Strip”, the result of our four months residency with Wiki-Art.



Back to October 2013, our group met at the ICT + Art Connect Hackathon in Nantes. An adventure… 24h non-stop – apart from a few naps – creating the concept of Magic Drawing.

We were awarded in the Wiki-Art Challenge and we were later offered a residency to develop the project. Another big challenge, as my colleges are based in Nantes and I’m in London!


BRUSSELS MAY 14 – ICT + Art Connect – Final Event

After many emails exchange and Skype calls, finally we went to Brussels to show the result of our hard work!

On Sunday May 11th our group was part of the exhibition at FoAM with artists and technologists across Europe showcasing their ideas and works.

On Monday 12th we presented our project at the Charlemagne Building/ European Commission along with all the residents. It was followed by panels of discussions on the European trends of the bringing togheter of arts and technology, exploring new collaborative ways of working.



Artists/ designers/ ICT/Science professionals: Marie Lamouret, Félix Lepoutre, Richard Piron, Sylvia Morgado & Victor Pedraza

This collaboration between artists and technologists from Nantes and London enables the creation of interactive tablet based drawings: a mobile application that facilitates the co-creation of a collaborative visual comic strip through drawings made by different users.

The aim of the project is to encourage the creation of collaborative artworks and the forming of new social networks.


ict art nantes     

Wiki-Art Challenge Award @ ICT + ART Hackathon in Nantes  

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3

photo 4 photo 6

Comic Strip exhibition @ FoAM, Brussels

photo 7

photo 8 photo 9

photo 10 photo 13

Presentations and panels of discussions @ Eurpopean Comission, Brussels

Award in hands

22 Sep

I was very emotional yesterday at the Ceremony of the Brazilian International Press Award at the Embassy of Brazil in London.
While I was waiting to be called, broken memories of different moments of my career since I started my practice three years ago were going back and forward in my mind.
What to say? Well, I didn’t say much. It was a very short speech; just like my stories.
Once again a big thank you to everyone who is supporting me throughout the years since my very begging.
I always believed in what I’m doing because I do it with my heart, with my soul… With passion!
The award is an acknowledgment for all the hard work and a good response for what I’m doing, as my works are so often considered intriguing and unusual.
And it it’s for sure a fuel to carry, showing me that I’m going in the right direction.
A big thank you to my lovely family, friends, collaborators, journalists, participants!
Every single one of you is part of it and that trophy symbolises all of you!
Love xxx


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