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ICT + Art Connect / Comic Strip App 

12 May

We had a great time in Brussels delivering our app “Comic Strip”, the result of our four months residency with Wiki-Art.



Back to October 2013, our group met at the ICT + Art Connect Hackathon in Nantes. An adventure… 24h non-stop – apart from a few naps – creating the concept of Magic Drawing.

We were awarded in the Wiki-Art Challenge and we were later offered a residency to develop the project. Another big challenge, as my colleges are based in Nantes and I’m in London!


BRUSSELS MAY 14 – ICT + Art Connect – Final Event

After many emails exchange and Skype calls, finally we went to Brussels to show the result of our hard work!

On Sunday May 11th our group was part of the exhibition at FoAM with artists and technologists across Europe showcasing their ideas and works.

On Monday 12th we presented our project at the Charlemagne Building/ European Commission along with all the residents. It was followed by panels of discussions on the European trends of the bringing togheter of arts and technology, exploring new collaborative ways of working.



Artists/ designers/ ICT/Science professionals: Marie Lamouret, Félix Lepoutre, Richard Piron, Sylvia Morgado & Victor Pedraza

This collaboration between artists and technologists from Nantes and London enables the creation of interactive tablet based drawings: a mobile application that facilitates the co-creation of a collaborative visual comic strip through drawings made by different users.

The aim of the project is to encourage the creation of collaborative artworks and the forming of new social networks.


ict art nantes     

Wiki-Art Challenge Award @ ICT + ART Hackathon in Nantes  

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photo 3

photo 4 photo 6

Comic Strip exhibition @ FoAM, Brussels

photo 7

photo 8 photo 9

photo 10 photo 13

Presentations and panels of discussions @ Eurpopean Comission, Brussels

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