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FLAG STOP – alternative contemporary arts fair

8 Aug

I’m one of  the 12 selected artists artists that have been selected by FLAG STOP – an alternative contemporary art event – to join them at their premier event from the 2nd to the 3rd September in Los Angeles. We are all associated with Debut Contemporary – a unique mentoring & exhibiting platform for emerging artists – in London and will be representing this gallery at the event. Our group will be going under the name of LAB – London Art Box.

To help get us there we are raising funding through the site We would love for you to help make this possible – and as we are an extremely talented bunch of lovely artists we have some incredible “perks” to let you know grateful we are for your

You have the chance to pick up my work “Happiness!” from the 23secs series very limited edition! It’s part of the collection of 23 framed short stories and there’s only one frame for each story. They are unique! It’s printed on recycled paper on a ypewriter font and the back colours vary. It’s ready to hang (10cm × 15cm) on your wall!

FLAG STOP is an alternative contemporary art event that presents new and emerging contemporary art to a larger audience outside the mainstream art venues. “FLAG STOP is dedicated to presenting the best curated examples of what, why, and how art is becoming relevant today. 

Some of the most exciting curatorial ideas will be showcased, and will include works highlighting the best examples of ground-breaking contemporary art in a very unusual setting,” said Tm Gratkowski, Director, FLAG STOP.”

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