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I’ll go back home… one day!

18 Apr

“I’ll go back home… one day!” is an ongoing project in which the very beggining was exhibited at the Poetical Cabaret on the 22ndApril. The project design is a collaboration with visual artist Rafa Rodrigues.

Do you live/ lived in London? Have you ever felt home sick? What’s the best thing about the place you came from that I would never know if I didn’t meet you?

I’m interviewing people who live in London but are from other cities/ countries. The aim is to show, from a different point of view, the cultural diversity in London and also to promote cultural exchange.

I’d like to show curiosities, things that are not found in the history books or tourist information guides.

The testimonies/ writings will then be displayed inside the shape of the places people are originally from. The result will be a fragmented ‘emotional’ world map.

As some people I’m interviewing are in London for a long time, even if they have visited their home towns, the testimonies are often subjective and emotive. They are very specific about places, people, food, pets… things they left behind and they miss the most!

I’m currently looking for collaborations of people from all nationalities. If you want to take part, please email me at telling me something interesting about your city and your full name for the credits.

A special thanks to all who alredy collaborated!


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