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It happens!

28 Aug

That project is a collection of short-short stories typewritten on a toilet tissue roll. That format was chosen for its convenience as its lengths suits the mini stories genre – each sheet of paper shows a different one-, but also for its visual appeal and practicality.

Find bellow a few short short stories from the book.

He was old and retired. Life was only beginning for him.

The boy was a success. Lonely.

She’s 43. He’s 25.

After a long Winter, finally a sunny day! A happiness she couldn’t deal with. She stayed home.

No vanilla ice cream? Crappy day!

(Twitter) What’s happening? “Bday p’arty. My house. W9 5YR.  I look forward to celebrating with you. Bring your friends!”

My friends brought friends. And friends of their friends. And friends of their friends. I left.

Starving for a month. And she could wear the old jeans.

–          You’re skinny!

–          Yeah!

–          Are you ill?

He was a failure. Lonely.

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