1 May

23seconds is a collection of 23 short short stories told is 23 bits. It was inspired by British artist Richard Hamilton’s “Swingeing London” in which he creates multiple paintings and drawings from a single photograph. Here, the second-to-second form was duplicated to tell different 23 stories whose themes vary. 

Bellow, the one that originated the series followed by the adapted pieces.


23seconds that’s how long our love affair lasts

Leicester Square. Oct. Sat evening. 7.36pm. 1 the crowd moves back and forward and in that chaos I find your eyes by accident 2 and you find mine 3 green deep eyes staring at me 4 you blink 5 I squint 6 we make slow eye movements 7 the crowd rushes 8 we, on the contrary, don’t hurry 9 I look at the traffic lights 10 it’s red for pedestrian 11s whoops, my eyes lose yours 12 I look for you 13 I find yours 14 we blush 15 I look away 16 the traffic lights turn green 17 we finally cross the street 18 I look deeply into your eyes 19 you crack a smile 20 I brush against you 21 we deviate 22 we keep walking and don’t look back 23 that’s the end


One Response to “23seconds”

  1. Renata February 14, 2011 at 12:46 #

    I was stumbled upon your site and I fell in love with this piece straight away. I love what you are doing. I hope to catch up soon and see you performing. -R

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