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1 May

23seconds is a collection of 23 short short stories told is 23 bits. It was inspired by British artist Richard Hamilton’s “Swingeing London” in which he creates multiple paintings and drawings from a single photograph. Here, the second-to-second form was duplicated to tell different 23 stories whose themes vary. 

Bellow, the one that originated the series followed by the adapted pieces.


23seconds that’s how long our love affair lasts

Leicester Square. Oct. Sat evening. 7.36pm. 1 the crowd moves back and forward and in that chaos I find your eyes by accident 2 and you find mine 3 green deep eyes staring at me 4 you blink 5 I squint 6 we make slow eye movements 7 the crowd rushes 8 we, on the contrary, don’t hurry 9 I look at the traffic lights 10 it’s red for pedestrian 11s whoops, my eyes lose yours 12 I look for you 13 I find yours 14 we blush 15 I look away 16 the traffic lights turn green 17 we finally cross the street 18 I look deeply into your eyes 19 you crack a smile 20 I brush against you 21 we deviate 22 we keep walking and don’t look back 23 that’s the end

23secs – some adapted pieces

1 May


23seconds that’s how long my anger lasts

Westbourne Grove. April. Tuesd morning. I can’t remember what time it was. 1s I bought a coffee at Nero 2s I deserve it, I’m so tired lately 3s I mean, I usually go to McDonald’s 4s it’s cheaper and I have the loyalty card 5s you collect six stickers 6s the seventh cup is free 7s ok, ok 8s to be honest 9s I buy tea 10s it’s even cheaper 11s but when I use the voucher 12s I always choose the most expensive 13s hey, watch out! 14s how dare you bump into me like that? 15s you spilled coffee everywhere 16s my Nero’s latte 17s on my handbag 18s my hair 19s a ‘sorry’ would be nice 20s oh, the pavement is covered by white flowers 21s yeah, it’s Spring time 22s to hell with the coffee 23s I’ll go to the park


23seconds that’s how long my happiness lasts

Kensington Park. August. Sunday early in the morning. 6.32am. 1s I had insomnia 2s no, I’m a liar 3s I enjoy spending evenings awake 4s I could try to sleep 5s I didn’t 6s I like the park when the sun rises 7s it’s quiet 8s I’m cycling 9s I stop to switch on my iPod 10s It plays ‘that kind of man’ 11s The Heavy 12s best of British 13s hmm, the wind blows on my face 14s it contrasts with my body’s temperature 15s I’m hot like tea inside 16s oh, a squirrel 17s hahaha! cute 18s fuck, my iPod 19s I drop it 20s shit, the rain is coming 21s it’s raining frogs 22s and it’s not a movie 23s I better go home


23seconds that’s how long it takes to order a burrito

Portobello Road. March. Frid. 6.12pm. 1s a burrito 2s pork 3s (ugh, pork) 4s no, no 5s beef 6s ok (ugh, beef) 7s is it good? 8s sure (I’m a vegetarian) 9s the best one 10s great choice 11s to take away? 12s or eat in? 13s your pin, please 14s here’s your 7 up 15s would you like some ice? 16s please, check, chef! 17s gracias18s de nada 19s is it for you, lady? 20s yep 21s spiced? 22s yep 23s cooool!


23minutes that’s how long it takes to do the laundry

Hackney. Dec. Thurs. 3.35pm. 1min the washing machine it’s broken 2min for a month now 3min oh, it’s cold outside 4min I hate the landlord 5min he’s good-for-nothing 6min worthless 7min I need to face the snow 8min I open the door  9min hey, snow! 10min hmm, it’s not that cold11min the launderette it’s on the corner 12min coins, coins, coins 13min I flick through a book 14min I drop it 15min there’s a celebrity magazine on the floor 16min I have a quick look 17min at a few of the pages 18min catatonic eyes 19min follow my clothes 20min up 21min and down 22min up 22min oh, it’s finished


23April it’s St George’s Day

Trafalgar Square. Frid afternoon. 5pm. 1st Boris Johnson wishes 2nd a happy Saint George’s Day 3rd a man reads it 4th in the Daily Telegraph 5th while waiting 6th for the celebrations 7th it’s a major feast 8th all over the world 9th he’s the patron saint 10th of several nations 11th Russia 12th Portugal 13rd Palestine 14th Brazil 15th USA 16th in England  17th pubs 18h adorn 19th the cross flag 20th it’s also 21st the day of death of the playwright 22nd William Shakespeare 23rd Alleluia!

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