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a 6 year-old boy

1 Jan

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! I, I was playing with the cat. But the cat is not my friend. No, no. He ran away. And, and he jumped onto the roof. I wanna play with him, Daddy. Daddy! Where’s Mum? I wanna orange juice. Read me a book, please. I hate Cinderella. She’s ugly, right? I don’t like her car. She’s white. White like snow. I like snow. Why isn’t it snowing today, Daddy? When it snows I don’t go to school and you read me a story. Read to me? Where’s the cat? Roof? Oh, see. The cat is eating my truck. No! (crying) I don’t like the cat anymore. No, no. And Cinderella too. I don’t like them. (swallowing his own tears) When I grow up I won’t marry her. I don’t like her dress. And she lost her shoes. Isn’t it true that if you don’t wear shoes and step on the cold floor you can get the flu. Mum always says, ‘Wear your shoes, darling.’ When I grow up I won’t marry Cinderella. Never, ever, Daddy.  I’ll marry Mum. Mum makes me orange juice. Or Princess Fiona. She’s cool. She would play Playstation with me.  And she has shoes. Green ones. Read me a book?


* ‘a six year-old boy’ is part of ‘If I were him’, a collection of short stories written to explore with living in different male voices.

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