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Sylvia Morgado is a cross media artist and writer whose practice reflects her passion for words. Graduated at the University of East London, her work assembles text, storytelling, installation, interactivity, performance and more recently video and sound.

Morgado makes use of recycled materials and typewriters. Her stories are short and at the same time poetical and sharp; fragments of daily life; what her eyes capture and “feel”.

She uses thought provoking techniques to engage spectators. Words are literally displayed – in different shapes – and often explore the senses, leading to a multisensory participation. It’s an outstanding point in her works, which has influences of artists such Helio Oiticica, one of the pioneers in the viewer participation movement, and also the Trópicalia Movement.

Morgado exhibited and/or performed at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Debut Contemporary and in August 2013 she has done an interactive residency at the Barbican Centre, as part of the project Hack the Barbican.

Neo-Concretism, Fluxus, Conceptual and Pop Art, besides Concret Poetry, Modern Literature, Tropicália and Bossa Nova are some references in Morgado’s works.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Lives and works in London.



2013 Best Brazilian Fine Artist in the UK in 2013 by the Brazilian International Press Awards Reino Unido – London, UK – Sept/13

2013 “Wiki-Art Challenge” Award presented by Wiki-Art @ Art + Tech Hackathon – NEM Summit – Nantes, France – 29-29 Oct 2013

2012 Nominated to the Brazilian International Press Awards UK 2012 – London, UK – Sept/12


2013Lost Soles” – London Design Festival @ Lost Soles Pop-up Gallery. 38 Earlham St WC2H 9LH – London, UK – 14-22 Sept 2013

Forthcoming/ ongoing PROJETCS/ EXHIBITIONS

2013I gave myself to you and… I saw myself” – art installation – three boxes and mirror – July/Aug 13

2011/12 ‘I’ll go back home… one day!’ – Emotional fragment world map – ongoing project – London, UK- Since April 2011

2012 ‘Carnival affair’ – Text, photo & video installation – ongoing project – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil & London, UK – Since Feb 2012


2013 INTERATIVOS residency / solo exhibition @ Barbican Centre as part of “Hack the Barbican” – 06-18 Aug 2013

2013 “When you look into the mirror” – performance installation (participants are invited to sit in front of a mirror and write down on a notebook what they see) @ Barbican Centre as part of “Hack the Barbican” – 06-18 Aug 13

2013 INTERATIVOS + StoryHack.org one-day workshop @ Barbican Centre as part of “Hack the Barbican” – 31 Aug 2013

2011/2012 – Free Advice – performance at V&A Museum – Friday Late – Brazil Hot – London, UK – 27th Jan 2012

2011/2012 – London Calling – Group exhibition at Orange County Centre for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) – Los Angeles, USA – 21st Dec 2011 to 12th Jan 2012

2011 – Hudison ¦ Lindk Gallery – Group exhibition – Los Angeles, USA – Sept/Dec

2011 LAB at FlagStop – London Art Box (LAB) – Group exhibition of 13 UK based artists from Debut Contemporary who had a micro-gallery at FlagStop, an alternative contemporary arts event – Los Angeles, USA – 2nd to 4th Sept

2011 DEBUT Contemporary – Group exhibition – London, UK – May to August

‘If I can’t remember it wasn’t me’: interactive performance installation;

‘Untitled’: an interactive story telling installation;

‘Free Advice’: a writer’s performance;

‘It happens’: very short stories typewritten on a toilet tissue paper;

‘Stir me up!’: famous quotes written on wood stirrers and disposed inside a cup;

‘23seconds’: a collection of 23 very short stories told is 23 bits framed individually.

2011 ‘Sweet, Sweet, Sin’: an interactive installation – POETICAL Cabaret – London, UK – Feb

2011 ‘Untitled’: an interactive story telling installation – Made in East London – UEL Alumni showcase and network event – London, UK – Feb

2010 ‘Rio’s war’: Concrete poem displayed at the walls of the POETICAL Cabaret – London, UK – April/10



2010, 23secondsthat’s how long our love affair lasts; Unbound magazine and website – London, UK

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